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sistema in terra cruda per Terra Migaki Design, 2020

Maccarruni, a simple system that allows you to create a multitude of design elements, from the simplest to the most complex geometries.

The technique of forming the cylindrical elements that make up the system, then linked together with the help of ropes, is taken from the Calabrian culinary tradition.

Thus a chandelier is born that allows you to take advantage of the beneficial properties of raw earth in all indoor environments and obtain different combinations that enhance the sense of uniqueness and personalization.
A simple technique that allows infinite possibilities and combinations, leaving the user free to think of different elements and customizations.


Element size: diameter 18mm, maximum length 200mm

Material: raw earth, natural ropes

TDM, FuoriSalone

Maccarruni, one of the winning projects of Terra Migaki Design was part of the exhibition at the   Studio Museo Francesco Messina during the FuoriSalone 2020.

The event aims to be an opportunity to relaunch the themes of sustainability and in particular the use of raw earth, taking the form of an in-depth study, absolutely unique of its kind, on green design.

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