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Marlisa Marasco trained as an architect, earning her degree in 2014. She collaborates as a freelancer with various professional firms, ranging from architecture to product design.
In order to expand his professional figure, he obtained a Master in Interior & Living Design at Domus Academy, Milan.

He gets several prizes and awards by participating in competitions in the sector.
His work has been published in magazines such as Domus, Interni, Marie Claire and Elle Decor.

He designs interiors, products for companies and unique pieces for galleries.

In his approach, functionality and narrative exploration come together: each aesthetic is born following a precise story that you want to tell and transmit.

Its expressiveness leads to craftsmanship with works that tell of ancient beliefs, of fantastic and evocative worlds, where the emotional impact with the object has a predominant role over the functional.
Fascinated by the material, she is moved by the desire to transmit positive vibrations that originate in folklore, in the lights of the party and in the desire for community.

Animated by the traditional Italian spirit, it reworks its roots in an innovative way and expresses them as a gesture of enrichment and peculiarity in a universe where cold industrialism now surrounds our days.


awards and recognitions

2021 Dandy for Hebanon 1830 - Winner of 1st prize, Young Factory Design Contest
developed by Confindustria Salerno

2020 Abitinu du Desiu, Abitinu Guardianu projects for Materia Indipendent Festival, Catanzaro

2020 Maccarrùni - 2nd prize winner, Terra Migaki Design Contest, developed by ANAB,
member of the jury Paolo Lomazzi

2019 · Around project for Google's Talking Crafts exhibition developed by Bitossi | Domus Academy, art director Fabio Novembre, Milan

2019 Winner of the scholarship in the Natuzzi competition "the new nomad", Natuzzi | Domus Academy

2018 · Winner of the 2nd Prize, "Innovative Schools" International Competition developed by MIUR

2018 · Special Mention at the Design Shopping Gallery Competition “Le Officine” with the arch. Mauro Parlavecchio, Parma


2020 · Materia Design Festival, Monumental Complex of San Giovanni, Catanzaro
art director Antonio Aricò

2019 Terra Migaki Design, Francesco Messina Museum Studio, Milan
Coordinator Sergio Sabbadini

2019 Talking craft, Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan 
Google installation
art director Fabio Novembre

2016 Stream Dream Architecture, Casa dell'Architettura, Rome
Organizer: Order of Architects of Rome and its province

2014 · International Meeting “Major Projects in the Mediterranean”, Chieti
Organizer: SMS - Solidarity Market Development - srl

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