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Il gioiello "scomposto" per DcomeDesign, 2021

Conviviality, the pleasure of being together with others, are traits that characterize us Italians, values ​​that materialize naturally in food.
In particular, in Southern Italy with the arrival of the first warmth of spring and throughout the summer, it is customary to go out on a picnic, to picnic, or simply sit on a low wall and recreate the ritual of "being together. And since speaking goes well with eating, food is a gesture of union and intimate participation.

"MÒ", a Calabrian expression that means "now, let's do it now" is the exhortation to seize the present moment, to enjoy a moment of sharing.
The carpe diem of conviviality that materializes in a double-sided necklace (chest and back) that tells of Calabria, of folklore, of historic centers animated by the ritual of sitting in front of the front door and chatting with the neighborhood, offering coffee, enjoying the present moment.
In a fast-paced society, stopping is a gift. MÒ is a necklace that can easily be transformed into a picnic set for two, recreating the magic of being together, in any place and at any time.

The shoulders, of broom worked on the loom, become napkins, cutlery pendants, medallions and saucers.
An exhaustive and playful mesa en place like sharing and being together.
A story that relives through the elaboration of gestures and imaginaries of the Calabrian tradition, with the intent of narrating and passing them on.


Elements dimensions: length 55 cm

Material: polymer clay, cloth, cotton

Photo: Alessio Tamborini

FuoriSalone 2022

Mò is exhibited in the exhibition "What about Me? The" decomposed "jewel at Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022, an event curated by Anty Pansera.

EditNapoli 2022

In occasione della IV edizione di Edit, Mò è esposta nella mostra "What about Me? Il gioiello "scomposto", durante un evento di presentazione dell'associazione DcomeDesign presso la Fondazione Plart, Napoli.

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