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trono scultoreo per Goti Arredamenti, 2024

At the base of the project there is a strong need to rediscover the often hidden fascinating past, transposing it towards a contemporary meaning.
Investigating the history of the birth of Hebanon we recognize the nineteenth-century roots, furnishing objects of forms and styles handed down through the centuries to the present day, a past belonging to our culture.
The purpose of the project is to investigate this fascinating tradition, enhancing the art of cabinet making in new furnishing needs of the contemporary home.
The history of Hebanon begins in 1830, a historical period that sees the birth of Dandyism, a movement with strong attention to aesthetics and the taste for beauty, summarized with the aphorism of "Living life as if it were a work
of art ". Thus was born Dandy, a tribute to the main figures of the movement, the Gentleman, represented with the characteristic monocle, and the Gentlelady, a symbol of beauty and grace. More than a piece of furniture, Dandy is a generator of places in the home, guaranteeing simultaneously and in the same environment, spaces to support conviviality and a guarantee of privacy.
A multifunctional double-sided object, which recalls traditional furnishings in form and function. On the one hand, the Gentlelady, which can be traced back to a display cabinet / sideboard that acts as a support for operations in the kitchen / living room, on the other hand, the Gentleman, a reference to the bookcase / desk and designed for the current and widespread needs of smart working.
Dandy is perfectly in line with the work of the company in terms of materials, machinery and processes, it is a furniture that is simple to make and attentive to current sustainability issues.
Dandy is designed for the emotional and functional well-being of the person, it tells the historical period in which the company was born and does so with a project in which to recognize and become attached to.

Dimensions: height 192 cm, length 100 cm, width 75 cm

Material: wood

Milan Design Week, 2024

Minerva is a design object presented in the FUORISERIE exhibition event of CNA - the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises - on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2024.

The event, under the artistic direction of Sapiens Design Studio and Stefano Lodesani Studio, explores the tangible – intangible theme, an investigation into the boundary that separates the material from the immaterial in which there is a selection of design objects from capable companies in the sector to revive that tradition of Italian know-how typical of small and medium-sized businesses.

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