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abitinu guardianu

girocollo in cotone e argilla per Materia Sospesa2020

From the Calabrian:

Anitìnu : piece of cloth sewn into a "bag" to be worn hung around the neck, inside which, according to personal needs and orientation, a talisman was inserted.
Guardianu : guardian


The magical ritual of Abitìnu has roots in the mists of time when the Calabrian people, as a remedy for spells and evil fluids, tied a talisman around their neck to protect the evil one and attract good luck.

the Abitìnu guardianu is a shining steel armor, embroidered with gaudy and multiform ancestral geometries, call of prodigies and warning for the wicked. The clay decorations are generators of connections between the life-giving force of the earth and the soul of the wearer.
The Abitìnu, holder of magical power, is baptized and raised to a talisman with the insertion of the Key, a personal object to be placed inside the triangular casket, magical geometry guarding the Key itself.


Dimensions: internal diameter 23 cm

Materials: steel, clay, cotton, fabric

Photo: Alfredo Muscatello


Materia Independent Design Festival

Selected among the 15 young designers for the 5th edition of the Materia Festival under the Art Direction of Antonio Aricò with the projects l'Abitinu du Desiu and l'Abitinu Guardianu.

The exhibition is held in parallel with the "Holy Collection" with projects conceived by Elena Salmistraro, Matteo Cibic, Tommaso Spinzi and Sara Ricciardi.

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