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abitinu du desiu

girocollo in cotone e argilla per Materia Sospesa2020

From the Calabrian:
Abitìnu : cloth bag, inside which, according to personal needs and orientation, a talisman was inserted.
Desìu : desire


Shooting star, vow to the saints, at least once we have all entrusted our wish to a belief.
L'Abitìnu du desiu is a talisman to which you can entrust desires, hope and expectation.
Generated by intertwined and hand-embroidered cloth cords, a tribute to the Calabrian craftsmanship, and by clay elements as an ornament.
Materials with the gift of reversibility as a warning to the transience of being and necessary for the fulfillment of the Rite.
The magical power of the Habitio is activated by inserting the Key, symbolic object of desire, into its circular casket
express that it will be kept until the wish is fulfilled.
The Rite of Thanksgiving is the final moment, through which the magical flows that have helped us are returned to the globe.
Gesture of gratitude and generosity, as magic is a gift at the service of all.


Dimensions: internal diameter 23 cm

Materials: clay, cotton, cloth

Photo: Alfredo Muscatello

Materia Independent Design Festival

Selected among the 15 young designers for the 5th edition of the Materia Festival under the Art Direction of Antonio Aricò with the projects l'Abitinu du Desiu and l'Abitinu Guardianu.

The exhibition is held in parallel with the "Holy Collection" with projects conceived by Elena Salmistraro, Matteo Cibic, Tommaso Spinzi and Sara Ricciardi.

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