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centrotavola in ceramica per Bitossi & Google, 2019

The table is the meeting and sharing place par excellence of the Italian family, where the most important decisions are made. Around, designed for Bitossi, is a ceramic sculpture inspired by the tradition of Italian design: a vertical monolith with a plate, designed to contain food and small objects, which interrupts the structure in a game of jolts and balances. At the top, as in a centerpiece, the sculpture houses Google Home Mini, ready to transform ounces into grams for you, to discover how many calories a banana has and to put soft music as the background of your dinner.


Dimensions: height 45cm, length 40cm, plate width 20cm

Material: ceramic

Talking Crafts Exhibition

Around was selected as one of the 10 best proposals within a design marathon in collaboration between Domus Academy and Google.

The Talking Crafts event in Milan, under the Art Direction of Fabio Novembre, presented Around to the public in the context of the "House of the Future" where man's life is increasingly intertwined with AI.

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